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AC and Heating Repair in Hollywood, Ca

Most homeowners in Hollywood will often face a situation where their AC system will start to go out.  At that point in time, you must start to weigh your options as to what you will do.  You know that you do have a few choices, the first being will you hire a company to service the air conditioner or will you have to get a new HVAC system installed?  This is the dilemma that faces many homeowners in Hollywood today because of the abnormally hot summer that Southern California had this last year.   Whatever decision you choose you will want to ensure that you pick the right company to do the job, after all, air conditioning in Hollywood isn’t cheap to run and you don’t, want to keep throwing money at a system that might be failing.  You will want to choose a company carefully and make sure that they are up to the task of either installing, repairing or servicing your AC system.

We suggest that you investigate a company in a few different ways, one of which is an extensive interview both on the phone and when they come to give you a quote.  You will also want to look at their reviews to see if they have any negative ones or if they are mostly positive and you will also want to make sure that they are insured and have the proper licensing available at the time they come to your house.  If not, do not take their word for it, reach out to the California Contractors state license board by clicking on http://www.cslb.ca.gov/ where you can do some research ahead of them either coming in for a service or giving you a quote for a new air conditioning system for your home.

Once you feel comfortable with a company coming in after you have done your research, you will want to have them fully inspect your system so that way they can give you the right information on what you need to be done.  If it is a scenario where it just needs a service and the price seems reasonable, assuming you have done your research on them prior, then we think you should be ok getting that service call.  However, if the situation arises where you need a new residential HVAC system installed in your home, then we suggest that you reach out to a few other HVAC companies in Hollywood to get a competitive quote.

Hopefully, you understand that just because they might want to sell you a new system, they might not need to.  A top HVAC company understands that you might be on a budget so here are some things to look for to avoid a completely new installation.

  • Fans that might be broken or bent
  • A broken condenser
  • Loose compressor
  • Dirty fan or condenser

Typically, these are the most common fixes that your AC system will need and hopefully, that is what is wrong.  Now, again, we understand that you might be on a budget, however, if you are trying to get the most life out of your system and continue to just have it serviced, what you are basically doing is putting off the inevitable.  Most HVAC companies in Hollywood will have an opportunity for you to apply for financing if it turns out to be a better option to have a new system installed, and we say this because if you keep on going with servicing, in the long run, you will end up paying more because eventually a new HVAC system for the house will need to be installed and all of that money you spent on servicing a unit could have gone towards purchasing a new one!

We hope that the information provided was useful and we look forward to helping you!